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Esempio di facebook album grabber

Wp Facebook Grabber plugin consente di prendere i contenuti pubblici di un profilo di facebook e pubblicarli all’interno di pagine o articoli di wordpress.
E’ stato sviluppato utilizzando le api graph di facebook e le funzioni json di php e jquery.

Attualmente il plugin consente di inserire le foto di un album di facebook ed i post nella bacheca di facebook.

Puoi inserite i tuoi feed e le foto di un album di facebook ovunque all’interno di pagine e articoli e puoi temare la visualizzazione utilizzando i fogli di stile css.

Esempio di facebook feed grabber

Supporta per esempio:
[ fbAlbum ] 132919960064546 [ / fbAlbum ]
[ fbFeed ] 128091230547419  [ / fbFeed ]
Una volta installato il plugin, sarà possibile aggiungere questi tag alle pagine ed agli articoli, il plugin sostituirà con i contenuti catturati da facebook.

Per ora il plugin recupera le informazioni attraverso il codice Facebook ID.
Il codice puo essere recuperato dalla pagina del profilo di facebook, per esempio:
Il codice Facebook ID è 126319364057939 e puoi catturare gli aggiornamenti del profilo usanto: [  fbFeed  ] 128091230547419 [ / fbFeed ] all’interno  di pagine e articoli.

Il codice per gli album di Facebook si possono prendere da:[your_facebook_main_id]/albums
che da un risultato simile a questo:
“id”: “132919960064546”,
“from”: {
“name”: “Il Melo Residence – Sardegna”,
“category”: “Local_hotels_lodging”,
“id”: “126319364057939”

Il primo codice ID è Il codice per l’album corrispondente e puo essere usato cosi:
[ fbAlbum ] your_album_id [ / fbAlbum  ]

Pagina del plugin su wordpress plugin directory:

Download link diretto:



facebook Feed grabber:

facebook album grabber:

80 Responses to “WordPress Facebook Grabber”

  1. Supergreg scrive:


    Cool plugin.

    With the feed grabber, can you display heading only.

    Or, just one line of the facebook post ?


  2. Jochen Behr scrive:

    thanks for this great app.
    Can you tell me please how i can increase the grabbing content for one ID?

    with best regards from Germany,

    Jochen Behr

  3. miasma scrive:

    referring this example:
    For now feed grabber grab the picture, message or description and name field.
    Do you need any type of text summary or excerpt of the description/message field ?

  4. miasma scrive:

    There is no option to increase feed post grabber by the plugin.
    If you need to increase the number of printed post you need to modify the plugin code, in the file wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php around the line 118 set something like ” if($count++ > 10)break; ” to set maximum number of grabbed feed post.

    I hope it helpls, i’m working on panel option and many new features!

  5. Tia scrive:

    Images are not showing up in the feed. css issue?

  6. Tia scrive:

    I can not get the feed images/thumbs to display at all. Can you tell me why? Here is the page with the feed:

  7. miasma scrive:

    if there is a “picture” field in that list then you will see that picture in yuor page, look here for example there are the pictures!

  8. enrico scrive:

    bellissima idea ma vorrei capire se sia possibile con questo plugin realizzare una cosa simile al plugin flickr photostream ossia creare nella sidebar, ad esempio, un bel box in cui automaticamente sia possibile recuperare, non so se tramite feed, le foto che di volta in volta io aggiungo ai miei album su facebook.
    spero mi risponderai presto.
    ciao e compliment!

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  11. Elmer scrive:

    I installed the plugin and worked great.
    I do not know why it is now bringing only the first picture.
    Any idea?
    Thanks a lot

  12. miasma scrive:

    look inside wordpress admin panel, under settings menu there is wordpress facebook grabber option, there you can set how manu feed or/and images grab from your facebook profile/albums!

    Let me know if it worked 🙂

  13. John scrive:

    If I raise the number photos in the admin panel it still only shows 25…

  14. Elmer scrive:

    Yes !!!
    It worked, excellent job 🙂
    You should explain that on the plugin page on wordpress.
    You have the easiest way to bring pictures and feeds from facebook pages.
    Thanks you very much.

  15. Jesse scrive:

    How would you added [fbFeed]128091230547419[/fbFeed] into your Template file, outside of the post & pages?

  16. miasma scrive:

    you can use
    < ?php echo fbFeedGrabber(''); ?>
    in any places of your wordpress template.

  17. koen scrive:

    How can I add an album dynamically from a template?
    I’m trying like this:

    But no luck.

  18. miasma scrive:

    you can use
    < ?php echo fbAlbumGrabber(''); ?>
    in any places of your wordpress template.
    (Obviulsy plugin must be active)

  19. koen scrive:

    Yes, thank you, but how can I do this dynamic for each post?

    I have a custom field per post, in the field I fill in the ID. I want to call this from the template but can’t make it work.

    Any idea?


    if (!empty($eventfalbum)): ?>

  20. koen scrive:

    code isn’t showing. I tried this:

    Thanks for the plugin!

  21. koen scrive:

    Nevermind. Turns out above snippet does work!

  22. Claudio scrive:

    ma con i gruppi di facebook non funziona? ho provato ma nulla… forse sbaglio io qualcosa?

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  24. Psysoul scrive:

    I guess there is an error in the javascript fallback thing: wp-fb-grabber.php, line 140:

    fburl: “‘.$fburl.'”
    maxitem: ‘.get_option(“max_feed”).’

    There should be a comma after this: fburl: “‘.$fburl.'”

  25. miasma scrive:

    Thanks for reporting this error, i’ll correct it and place it in the next version will release asap!

  26. Brent scrive:

    As John said… If I raise the number photos in the admin panel it still only shows 25.

    I have an album with 26 photos in it and have set the max photos option to 50. Only 25 show up. As a request for future development, I recommend the following features:
    – Allow more than 25 items but break them into paged views. Allow the user to specify how many photos per page, before it drops to page 2, page 3, etc… (else limit it to 24 per page since 25 leaves one random one at the bottom when they are 4 per row)
    – Implement a light-box style zoom when clicked vs a new page opening with the image in it
    – Give “random photo loading” from an album. Say an album has 100 photos but we only want to pull 20 random shots… we could enter a “max photos to load” value of 20 and it wouldn’t just pick the first 20 in the album but would instead grab a random selection of 20 from the album so the content on the site always seems “fresh”

  27. Victoria scrive:

    Hi there, I’m trying to add a facebook album to a post (, but get:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/m/a/r/marvicbiz/html/muddyboots/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php on line 68
    I added a feed, but that worked fine … help?!?

  28. Victoria scrive:

    This is the album id:

    and this is the code I added:

  29. @Victoria: album id seems wrong, for now facebook album grabber can publish photos taken from facebook fan pages. I’m coding up to get new features and bugfixes.
    @Brent: facebook graph api gives only first 25 photos from facebook album, i dont know if there’is a way to bypass that. There is a way to get pagination, i’ll develop it asap.
    @Claudio: per ora il plugin funziona solo con le fan pages.

  30. Brent scrive:

    There definitely is a way to pull more than 25… and to light-box and randomize… I’ve seen it done. I just don’t know if they used the same API you are using. Check out “Facebook Photo Fetcher” plug-in. The problem there though, is that you can’t pull a specific album from a fan page. It only lets you choose specific albums on user pages. So I guess all that to say, don’t change how this works to be more like that one just to get more than 25 or we can’t use it at all since we need to pull from a specific fan page album.

  31. “Facebook Photo Fetcher” plug-in uses facebookapi_php5_restlib.php, it’s get all images from facebook, resize it and post it. My plugin uses graph api, it work on the fly, no resize or download, the images, the thumbs are directly taken from facebook servers. As i said the graph api gives item paginated exactly like album inside facebook. I need time to devel this features…
    I’m working on this: look ad bottom of pages, that increase number of pic for first pages. I must set this from option panel of wordrpess plugins, should not be so hard…

    I’ll release it asap.

  32. MorganicSF scrive:

    Hi, I really like the potential of this plug-in, but I’m hoping that it can grab more than one post at a time. I do a lot of posting of links and such on our group’s facebook page and I want to create a daily “digest” of those links on our blog. This seems like the perfect tool if I can figure out how to get it to feed a custom number of posts each time. I saw you had some suggestions about changing the code early in the comments, but I couldn’t figure it out. Is this possible, and could you provide comprehensive instructions on how to do this? Many thanks!

  33. t-racer scrive:

    Is it possible to show the date and time the status was posted?

  34. Joe scrive:

    Is there a way to set different max for seperate galleries from the shortcode?

    For example:

    [ fbAlbum ] 132919960064546, max=20 [ / fbAlbum ]

  35. Joe scrive:

    Another question- how do we reverse the sort order the photo results? It would be nice to have the newest photos appear from the left…

  36. It’s working but I get an error above the page:
    The error I get is below the ——-
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home3/onenessf/public_html/opwegnaargod/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php on line 69
    This is in my post:

    My facebook page is:

    And my website:

  37. try to user jquery mode.
    You can activate it trought the option panel. Let me know if it works!


  38. Dave scrive:

    It would be awesome to be able to just publish the new “Facebook Questions” (polls) on our own websites.

  39. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    trying to activate plugin getting fatal error

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare curl_get_content() (previously declared in /home/content/89/7179889/html/beingelmo1/wp-content/plugins/embed-facebook/embed-facebook.php:458) in /home/content/89/7179889/html/beingelmo1/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php on line 44”

  40. it’s a name conflict with embed-facebook. My plugin define an internal function that as the same name of a function inside embed-facebook…
    For now my plugin cannot run in a wp that has embed-facebook plugin active.

  41. Stan scrive:

    I cannot find the ID code – I just have the vanity URL with no number afterwards. Can you tell me how to do this?


  42. Check in the option panel, Look for wp facebook grabber. There is a text box you can paste there your facebook url, then click on “click here to get the id!” and after click on “click here to get your facebook albums!”

    Sorry for bad docs and bad css/html style on the option page…
    Let me know if it works!

  43. Phil scrive:

    Hi, I really like your plugin and installed it successfully. I’m concerned about a difference between your demo site and what occurs in mine: when I click a photo, it’s displayed in a new page, and not in a fancy pop-up where it’s possible to go forward and backward (like your demo page). Am I missing something? Another plugin maybe? Please let me know!
    Good work!

  44. Simon Chen scrive:

    1)To use your FB id, [fbAlbum]158703440813262[/fbAlbum], why it only show your “Profile pictures” on Facebook?
    2)If I use other Facebook id, like [fbAlbum]880315494[/fbAlbum], it event doesn’t show any pictures.
    You can see it contain “Profile Pictures” though.

  45. Hi! To get fancy pop-up effect on images you need to install Shadowbox JS plugin and setup php-curl mode in the facebook grabber option panel!
    Bye and thanks!

  46. You cant use facebook grabber on a fb personal profile. You can use wp facebook grabber only on a facebook fan page!

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  48. Hello. First of all thank you for your plugin !
    I would like to know if it work also with Facebook Page ? Because I tried to embed one album from this Facebook page :
    But that is unsuccess…

    If you have the solution it will be wonderful ! 🙂

  49. Sorry, for now my plugin works only on public content ( facebook fan pages ). Try logout from facebook anche check your album url!

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