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Esempio di facebook album grabber

Wp Facebook Grabber plugin consente di prendere i contenuti pubblici di un profilo di facebook e pubblicarli all’interno di pagine o articoli di wordpress.
E’ stato sviluppato utilizzando le api graph di facebook e le funzioni json di php e jquery.

Attualmente il plugin consente di inserire le foto di un album di facebook ed i post nella bacheca di facebook.

Puoi inserite i tuoi feed e le foto di un album di facebook ovunque all’interno di pagine e articoli e puoi temare la visualizzazione utilizzando i fogli di stile css.

Esempio di facebook feed grabber

Supporta per esempio:
[ fbAlbum ] 132919960064546 [ / fbAlbum ]
[ fbFeed ] 128091230547419  [ / fbFeed ]
Una volta installato il plugin, sarà possibile aggiungere questi tag alle pagine ed agli articoli, il plugin sostituirà con i contenuti catturati da facebook.

Per ora il plugin recupera le informazioni attraverso il codice Facebook ID.
Il codice puo essere recuperato dalla pagina del profilo di facebook, per esempio:
Il codice Facebook ID è 126319364057939 e puoi catturare gli aggiornamenti del profilo usanto: [  fbFeed  ] 128091230547419 [ / fbFeed ] all’interno  di pagine e articoli.

Il codice per gli album di Facebook si possono prendere da:[your_facebook_main_id]/albums
che da un risultato simile a questo:
“id”: “132919960064546”,
“from”: {
“name”: “Il Melo Residence – Sardegna”,
“category”: “Local_hotels_lodging”,
“id”: “126319364057939”

Il primo codice ID è Il codice per l’album corrispondente e puo essere usato cosi:
[ fbAlbum ] your_album_id [ / fbAlbum  ]

Pagina del plugin su wordpress plugin directory:

Download link diretto:



facebook Feed grabber:

facebook album grabber:

80 Responses to “WordPress Facebook Grabber”

  1. When I logout from Facebook the URL looks like that :
    There are dot on it. My page is public content so it should work ?

  2. Ben scrive:

    Unfortunately, it seems that recent changes to the Graph API mean that this doesn’t seem to work any more; it needs an access_token.

  3. False, plugin still works on public facebook pages. This demo page
    work and takes content from .

  4. Ben scrive:

    Does it still for work for grabbing feeds? This is what I am getting in php mode:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 115

    And I am getting nothing showing in jquery mode.

  5. give me your facebook page url, i’ll check all for you 🙂

  6. Lindsey K scrive:

    I am getting the same warning:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/lkdesign/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php on line 106


    on line 115 in one of our client sites where I use this plugin. Please advise …

  7. I’ve fixed this bug, will be available on next release. But this error appear only when you give a wrong album id .

  8. Brent Pirolli scrive:

    It does appear the albums work fine still but the feed updates are now broken. Is this fixed in your upcoming release?

  9. it’s true, new release fix only the error in case of no data from server.
    Main problem now is the auth required… It’s need more investigation… Suggestions are welcome!

    ( feed grabber doesnt not works! )

  10. Brent Pirolli scrive:

    The feed issue not working is due to this:
    All graph api calls to /feed now require a valid access_token to connect. You can try making one by making an app on and then using that API key info to request an access token. Set it to be available offline (when users aren’t logged in) when requesting the token… This may solve the issue.

  11. Norman scrive:

    Hi, thats one great plugin. I’d like to see it supporting widgets tho. Any chance something like that could be implemented?

  12. could be a chance, but i dont have free time for develop. Anyone want work on widgets ?

  13. Jay scrive:


    Is your fbFeed working? upgraded to 3.3

  14. No, it’s still broken… Feed grabbing doesnt work for now. Facebook has changed something in graph api.

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  16. Lori scrive:

    The public feed link no longer works without access_token. Any ideas? This used to work for me, and no longer does: echo fbFeedGrabber(‘’);

  17. Steve Young scrive:

    Hello. I just noticed my site was getting the wp-fb-grabber.php on line 110 error so I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.3. The error went away, but I only get a blank listing. is the page. [fbFeed]194491420581386[/fbFeed] is the feed I have on the page. It was working fine for many weeks.

    Thanks for the plugin – it is the nicest looking one available.

  18. I’m sorry for that but recently facebook has changed the access right to feed. Now, plugin works only for album. I’working to feed grabber but for now it has been disabled.

  19. Pieter Hartsook scrive:


    There is a variable name conflict with another plugin called Embed Facebook.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare curl_get_content() (previously declared in /home/content/89/7179889/html/wp-content/plugins/embed-facebook/embed-facebook.php:525) in /home/content/89/7179889/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/wp-fb-grabber.php on line 44

    I would like to use both on this site, so I have to replace curl_get_content with curl_get_content_fbg to make it work. Of course if you update the plugin I have to repeat the process. Would you mind making that variable name more specific to FBG so you can avoid conflicts?


  20. i’ll replace curl_get_content with curl_get_content_fbg in the next release, when, i hope, i’ll fix problem for feed grabbing…

  21. Daniel scrive:

    non possono essere visualizzati in jQuery è necessario fare qualcosa in più modalità?

  22. Daniel scrive:

    quiero visualisarlo tal y como se muestra aca

  23. niko scrive:

    help my grabber disfungtion… thanks

  24. i’m sorry for that, facebook feed grabber still does not work due to recent facebook api changes… i’m working to find a fix.

  25. Binh Nguyen scrive:

    i dont think that the album grabber can work too?

  26. Dave scrive:

    Just tried this plugin for a Facebook Group page

    It doesnt work, any way round this with an update ?

  27. I’ve released new version of the plugin with working feed grabber. Test it and let me know if it works! ( dont know why wordpress still show 3.3 version, the zip file contains ver 3.5!!! )

  28. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    Feed grab still doesn’t work, I put [fbFeed]168765153162539[/fbFeed] in my page and get back “F to log into you facebook” when I view the page.

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