WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo

WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo

Contenuto della pagina creato con WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber

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5 Responses to “WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo”

  1. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    The Feed Grabber is not working, neither is this demo. Are you able to fix this?

  2. No, i cant fix it now… It’s broken because facebook feeds now require autentication. I’m trying to find a work around for that…

  3. I’ve released new version of the plugin with working feed grabber. Test it and let me know if it works! http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-facebook-grabber/ ( dont know why wordpress still show 3.3 version, the zip file contains ver 3.5!!! )

  4. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    I get the same error you get here for your own Feed Demo page, “F to log into you facebook” instead of the feed.

  5. It’s not an error, facebook feeds can be grabbed only when you obtain an access token from facebook. To get it you must login to facebook using that link. Check the wp facebook grabber option, add you app id and app secred code of your facebook apps and try to login using ” F to log into you facebook ” link. ( F is a typo ).
    This is the only way to have facebook feed status ( and some other infos ) from a facebook account to your web site.

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