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WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo

WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo

Contenuto della pagina creato con WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber

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4 Responses to “WordPress Facebook Feed Grabber Demo”

  1. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    The Feed Grabber is not working, neither is this demo. Are you able to fix this?

  2. No, i cant fix it now… It’s broken because facebook feeds now require autentication. I’m trying to find a work around for that…

  3. I’ve released new version of the plugin with working feed grabber. Test it and let me know if it works! ( dont know why wordpress still show 3.3 version, the zip file contains ver 3.5!!! )

  4. Pieter Hartsook scrive:

    I get the same error you get here for your own Feed Demo page, “F to log into you facebook” instead of the feed.

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